Longjack Supplements

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As the sale of herbal supplement is not regulated, and since consumers tend to buy the cheapest Longjack supplement, traders may cheat for quick profit. This traders promise you a good deal, but in fact, the supplement they sell you contain little or no Longjack extract.

Many of us look at labels only to see what is in the bottle, not how much of it. We don’t look at the amount in ‘mg’, because most of us are not aware what therapeutic amounts need to be present.

A proper dosage of Longjack to be consider effective is about 50 gram of root powder or chipped root, cooked as a tea, or an extract.

500 mg root powder is not a proper dosage. Not even 10 times 500 mg. And 10 capsules with 300 mg of a 1:2 extract is also not a proper dosage. You won’t feel anything from either.

The active ingredient within Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) roots is only present in miniscule amounts. Therefore, products that contain ‘Longjack’ just isn’t going to do the job. Hence only go for Longjack supplements that contain its “Extract” not powder.