Longjack Buying Rules

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There are a few things you must watch out for when you’re buying Longjack supplement online. By following these four simple guidelines, you can be assured of acquiring of the quality. Here they are:

1. Buy Longjack extract and not just Longjack powder

2. Buy Longjack extract that specifies the concentration. Too low, it doesn’t work

3. Buy a product that contains Longjack extract and Longjack extract only

4. And finally if possible, buy Indonesian and not Malaysia Longjack

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The active ingredient within Longjack (Tongkat Ali) roots is only present in miniscule amounts. Therefore, products that contain ‘Longjack powder’ just isn’t going to do the job. Hence only go for products that contain Longjack extract.

It is important to take note of the concentration of the extract. For example, an extract that is 1:50 means 50 gram of Longjack root is used to produced 1 gram of extract. An extract that is 1:100 uses 100 gram of root to produced 1 gram of extract. And 1:200 is even more concentrated with 200 gram of roots being used to produced 1 gram of extract.

Thus among the various Longjack extracts cited above, 1:200 is the most concentrated and potent.

Watch out if a product simply say ‘Longjack extract’ without specifying the extract strength. The concentration could be 1:5 or just 1:2. Technically it is still an extract. But therapeutically, it feels like nothing because the concentration just isn’t high enough to have any impact on your body.

And finally, the topic of Malaysian Longjack versus Indonesian Longjack. First off in Malaysia, Longjack has been declared as a protected plant since 2001 and wild harvesting from its forest is illegal. There is also no Longjack plantation in Malaysia. Any manufacturer who says that their Longjack is from Malaysia is either lying or perhaps breaking the law. Secondly, Malaysia’s Longjack has been found to be high in lead content, ranging from 10.64 to 20.72 ppm (parts per million). Campared to Indonesian Longjack, the lead content according to our independent test is just 0.08 ppm.

To protect yourself from being cheated by dishonest herbal traders, be careful and always make sure you are buying from an established company or trader.

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